iGO Wrist Band Support

Keep Doing the Things You Love…

Experience the compression and support your wrist needs to begin the healing process. The iGO Wrist Band Support limits movement for sore, weak or injured wrists. Wear the iGO Wrist Band Support and continue playing tennis, working in the garden or surfing the web.

Product Features…

• Dual straps for adjustable fit and support

• Foam pad for added support

• Soft, moisture-controlling material

• Fits right or left

When to Use…

• Soreness

• Sprains

• Swelling

• Tendonitis

• Arthritis





How to Wear

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Product Care


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One Size Fits Most

Machine wash cold. Hang dry.

Do not bleach. Do not machine dry.

Is this the kind of brace to wear for sore wrists during a sport such as golf or tennis?

This brace can be worn during sports. It is lightweight and breathable, and it provides mild to moderate wrist support.

"My wrists are weak and tend to start hurting quite easily. The iGO Wrist Band Support strengthens them and keeps the pain away."

- Belinda T., Maryland

"I use this brace mostly when working in my garden. The work can be tedious and taxing on my wrists, so I really appreciate the extra support I get from the iGO Wrist Band Support."

- Geraldine T., California

"The iGO Wrist Band Support is easy to put on and easy to wear under clothing. Great product."

- Sammy E., Illinois

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