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iGO neverstop is privileged to join with our parent company, United Ortho, to partner with LIMBS International to support amputees around the globe. By providing LIMBS International the use of our manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh at no cost, we are helping LIMBS further advance their crusade to help the handicapped by avoiding high manufacturing costs for their prosthetics, allowing them to use those funds in other areas of greater need in their organization.


Since 2004, the LIMBS prosthetic Knee has been deployed into six different developing countries and has been fitted on hundreds of amputees who would otherwise likely be unable to afford a prosthetic. The LIMBS Knee benefits both amputees and local clinicians in the developing world. It restores amputees' vitality by giving them mobility they may have never hoped for and a renewed sense of self-worth as they find themselves able once again to contribute to their community.


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