iGO Wraparound Knee Stabilizer

Keep Doing the Things You Love…

Don't let knee pain stop you from living life to the fullest. The iGO Wraparound Knee Stabilizer provides the support and soothing protection needed to relieve knee pain and start the healing process. The brace has dual side stabilizers and additional patella padding to keep your knee safe. Wear the iGO Wraparound Knee Stabilizer and get back in the game.

Product Features…

• Dual side stabilizers for medial and lateral support

• Patella pad for even compression

• Adjustable straps for personalized fit

• Designed to provide advanced support during physical activities

• Perforations offer breathability and moisture control

• Fits right or left knee

When to Use…

• Sprains

• Soreness

• Swelling

• Tendonitis

• Arthritis

How to Wear

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Product Care


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One Size Fits Most

Machine wash cold. Hang dry.

Do not bleach. Do not machine dry.

Is the Wraparound Knee Stabilizer washable?

Yes. It should be hand-washed, rinsed thoroughly and air dried.

Can I wear the Wraparound Knee Stabilizer over pants?

Yes; however, keep in mind that if you wear it over pants it may not size correctly, and it also may not provide as effective stability and compression as if worn against the skin.

What kind of mobility will I have while wearing the iGO Wraparound Knee Stabilizer?

You'll experience excellent knee mobility as well as range of motion.

“I wear the Wraparound Knee Stabilizer all throughout the day, and I like to be able to take it off or loosen the straps when I’m not moving. The easily adjustable straps really make all the difference for me.”

- Thomas E., Texas

“This brace is perfect for tennis, I can twist and move while still feeling like my knee is supported and the material it’s made out of dries quickly so the brace doesn’t get sweaty.”

- Brad W., Rhode Island

“I have weak knees, and the fear of injury is always in the back of my mind when I do anything physically strenuous. I started wearing the Wraparound Knee Stabilizer and the supports on the sides of my knee and snug fit protect my knee and allow me to be active again.”

- Carol H., California

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