iGO Patella Knee Strap

Keep Doing the Things You Love…

The iGO Patella Knee Strap provides relief from symptoms related to irritated kneecaps or tendonitis of the knee by offering comfortable, consistent pressure to the tendons below the kneecap. Keep your focus off the pain in your knee and on what really matters.

Product Features…

• Adjustable strap for personalized fit

• Patella pad for targeted relief and consistent compression

• Perforations offer breathability, cooling and anti-migratory properties

• Soft, moisture-controlling material

• Fits right or left knee

When to Use…

• Patellar tendonitis

• Osgood-Schlatter's disease

How to Wear

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Product Care


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One Size Fits Most

Machine wash cold. Hang dry.

Do not bleach. Do not machine dry.

Where should the tendon pad be?

The tendon pressure pad should be placed directly underneath the kneecap.

When I wear this brace, will it restrict my mobility?

This brace does not restrict the range of motion of the knee.

“This brace is particularly helpful when standing or walking for an extended period of time. It's so comfortable you won't remember you have it on.”

- Clara F., Nevada

“I have knee problems due to skiing and sports and I use the iGO Patella Knee Strap anytime I go jogging or exercise. It keeps the pain away!”

- Julie R., New York

“This brace is so mobile. I can put it in my pocket and bring it with me to the gym or stick it in my purse in case I start feeling pain in my knee."

- Leslie W., Maine

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