iGO Elbow Wraparound

Keep Doing the Things You Love…

The iGO Elbow Wraparound provides reliable compression and support for stiff, weak or injured elbows and helps to protect the elbow from further injury. Whatever you do, whether picking up your grandchild, grocery shopping or swinging a golf club, do it in confidence with the iGO Elbow Wraparound.

Product Features…

• Breathable, moisture-controlling material

• Easy sleeve application

• Anatomically pre-shaped for ideal fit

• Adjustable straps for personalized comfort and support

• Fits right or left elbow

When to Use…

• Tendonitis

• Swelling

• Soreness

• Arthritis




How to Wear

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Product Care


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One Size Fits Most

Machine wash cold. Hang dry.

Do not bleach. Do not machine dry.

Can I wear this brace while playing tennis?

Yes, this brace is made out of lightweight material and the perforations make it breathable - great for playing sports such as tennis.

Does the iGO Elbow Wraparound help a swollen elbow?

Yes, the compression and warmth of this brace help to increase blood flow and reduce swelling.

"My elbows get sore very easily, but wearing the iGO Elbow Wraparound has really decreased the pain and allowed me to keep playing tennis much longer than before."

- Danny D., Georgia

"By the afternoon, my elbows get really sore. I wear the iGO Elbow Wraparound for a couple hours and by the time I take it off, I have pain relief."

- Jackson R., New York

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