iGO Elastic Knee Support

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The iGO Elastic Knee Support is crafted out of cutting edge material and is ergonomically designed for your optimal comfort. The brace slides on your knee and delivers soothing warmth and compression while supporting and aligning muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Product Features…

• Dual side stabilizers provide balanced support

• Ergonomically designed

• Panel behind knee reduces unwanted bunching

• Anatomically pre-shaped for ideal, natural fit

• Breathable, dual-stretch material provides even compression

• Fits right or left knee

When to Use…

• Sprains

• Soreness

• Arthritis

• Swelling

• Weakness



How to Wear

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Product Care


Part Number





12.0 in. - 14.5 in.



14.5 in. - 17.0 in.



17.0 in. - 19.5 in.

Machine wash cold. Hang dry.

Do not bleach. Do not machine dry.

Will this brace immobilize my knee?

The iGO Elastic Knee will support your knee, but it will not completely immobilize your knee.

Will the brace bunch?

When wearing the correct size, this brace should not bunch, as the material stretches and there is a panel behind the knee which serves to reduce bunching.

"I wear the iGO Elastic Knee Support all the time. I walk with my neighbor around the neighborhood and the support from the brace really helps."

- Laura C., California

"The opening over the kneecap keeps the iGO Elastic Knee  securely on my knee."

- Whitney D., New Mexico

"I play tennis and this support gives me just the amount of support that I need."

- Brent A., California

"The iGO Elastic Knee is made out of good quality and looks good."

- Tammy W., Virginia

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