iGO Ankle Stabilizer

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The iGO Ankle Stabilizer is a superior brace that blends complete comfort with full functionality. The brace provides you with eversion and inversion control to strengthen, protect and support your stiff, weak or injured ankle. Don't let ankle pain and instability interfere with your daily life. Experience fearless activity with the iGO Ankle Stabilizer.

Product Features…

• Medial and lateral stabilizers support the ankle

• Figure-8 strapping for added support

• Stirrup strap lifts and supports arch

• Perforations offer breathability and moisture control

• Adjustable straps for customized support and fit

When to Use…

• Sprains

• Weak ankles

• Strains

• Arthritis

• Stiff ankle

“I sprained my ankle during a soccer match last summer and a friend told me about this brace. I used the Ankle Stabilizer during the first few months after my surgery and my ankle feels so much stronger. Now, months later, I still wear it every time I play to keep from re-injuring it!”

- Kristen D., Virginia

“This brace is the most comfortable I have ever worn. There is no seam on the bottom of the foot, so I can't even feel it when I walk. It fits into my shoes and I can wear pants over it at work so no one can see it."

- Greg H., Indiana

“This is the best ankle brace I have found. I have owned two other braces but none have been as comfortable as this one. It doesn't get too hot or sweaty, and you adjust the straps so it fits perfectly."

- Daniel T., California

How to Wear

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Product Care


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One Size Fits Most

Fits Right or Left Foot

Machine wash cold. Hang dry.

Do not bleach. Do not machine dry.

Will this brace help to keep me from re-twisting my ankle?

The Ankle Stabilizer provides mild to moderate ankle support. It won't prevent all ankle injuries, but it can be helpful in minimizing recurring ankle injuries.

Is this a good brace to wear during sports?

The Ankle Stabilizer can be worn during sporting activities as well as during daily life activities.

Do I have to wear a sock with the brace?

The Ankle Stabilizer can be worn either directly against the skin or over a sock.

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