iGO Active Support Glove

Keep Doing the Things You Love…

The iGO Active Support Glove provides therapeutic support to sore and aching hands and boosts blood flow to decrease swelling in hands and wrists. This glove relieves hand or wrist discomfort caused by repetitive tasks, carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Wear the iGO Active Support Glove to relieve pain and keep knitting, sewing and typing.

Product Features…

• Soothing compression relieves hand and wrist pain

• Wraparound strap for adjustable, customized support

• Fingerless design allows full range of motion

• Soft, breathable, moisture-controlling material

• Fits right or left hand

When to Use…

• Arthritis

• Swelling

• Tendonitis

• Repetitive stress injury




How to Wear

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Product Care


Part Number





6.5 in. - 8.0 in.



8.0 in. - 9.5 in.

Machine wash cold. Hang dry.

Do not bleach. Do not machine dry.

Do you have a brace that is helpful for arthritic fingers?

The iGO Compression Support Glove is designed to help relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Does the iGO Compression Support Glove fit right and left hands?

Yes, the iGO Compression Support Glove fits both the left and the right hand.

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